Dental conditions

General oral care

Good oral hygiene is important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums and to significantly reduce many of the problems that arise with dental caries and/or gum disease. LEARN MORE 

Dry mouth/xerostomia

Dry mouth is a common condition which affects approximately 1 out of every 4 adults1-3 and can lead to ongoing bad breath, cavities, mouth infections and a number of other physical, social and emotional issues. LEARN MORE 

Minor mouth and gingival irritations

Irritation of the mouth and gums, including canker sores and gum and wound inflammation, can often result from minor dental procedures, the use of dentures, orthodontic appliances or accidental injury. LEARN MORE 

Denture care

Many denture wearers are not cleaning their dentures properly. Improper denture cleansing can lead to scratched dentures, and bacteria and fungi growth4. LEARN MORE 


Even though 86% of denture wearers describe their dentures as well-fitting, trapped food particles are still the # 1 complaint among denture wearers5. These trapped food particles are more than just an annoyance - they can cause pain and irritation5. LEARN MORE 

Living Well with Dentures and Partials

Tooth loss and adjusting to wearing dentures can be a life changing event for patients. Many new denture wearers need help with their transition to dentures but may not know who to turn to or what to ask. LEARN MORE 

Dentin hypersensitivity

The pain associated with dentin hypersensitivity affects 37%6 of Americans yet the majority of sufferers are unaware that the condition is easily identified and treated. LEARN MORE 

Acid erosion

Acid erosion is a growing concern in clinical practice today, with 50% of US dental professionals reporting seeing an increase in acid erosion compared to 5 years ago7.

Modern diets are often high in acid, and combined with changing eating habits, can make tooth enamel more susceptible to erosion. LEARN MORE 

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