Policare - Living Well with Dentures

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Living Well with Dentures

Tooth loss and adjusting to wearing dentures can be a life changing event for patients.

The Policare program helps to bridge the gap between new denture wearers and the dental professional and offers ongoing information and support for all denture wearers, regardless of what stage of the journey they are at.

A helping hand through the denture journey

The Policare Program includes the following key components to help new denture patients to feel more comfortable and confident.
  1. In office materials

    'Managing Patients Expectations' self-assessment quiz to encourage dialogue about concerns

    'Living Well with Dentures' patient education binder to help you to educate your patients on the denture journey

  2. The Denture Essentials Kit

    A starter kit containing everything needed to help new denture wearers including:

    • A 'Living Well with Dentures or Partials' brochure
    • A Polident Denture Bath
    • A sample of Polident Overnight Whitening
    • A Super Poligrip Free Sample
    • Polident and Super Poligrip coupons
  3. MyPoliCare.com

    This dedicated website offers support and information for all denture wearers, regardless of their stage in the denture journey. Advise patients to join up at MyPoliCare.com to access support, advice and special offers.

To request elements of the Policare program visit www.mydenturecare.com TODAY.

POLICARE is a registered trademark of Glaxo group of companies.
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